Sigstedt Studios  Original hand-crafted stained glass, wood carving and fine quality painted mural art. 215.297-5924

Hess Martin Luther School Lobby: See our murals, and stained glass in a QuickTime digital "walk-around."

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Sigstedt Design Studio, a high-end design and fabrication studio has created public and private artwork in the same location since 1961. In consultation with architects and planners our skilled artists and experienced artisans produce rich installed fine art in a broad spectrum of styles, techniques and subjects.

In collaboration with your planners, Sigstedt Design Studio will design and make unique stained glass, original vinyl acrylic murals and fine woodcarvings for hospitals, residences, restaurants, schools and churches. Our client list includes some of the finest institutions in the United States.

Sigstedt Design Studio will also do museum grade stained glass restorations, and create original leaded glass lighting fixtures to fit a multiplicity of needs and styles.

Often, the studio is asked to execute nature themes. We research and interpret into the artwork rainforests, reefs, and evocative images of trees, flowers and bioregional landscapes.

Healthcare facilities employ our innovative artwork to counter patients' fear in high-tech medical suites as well as lobbies, corridors and chapels. Back-lighted stained glass panels and intriguing painted murals transforms institutional environments into beautiful places. Our stained glass ceiling frames the artwork with safety glazing in modular 2'x2' panels.