Sigstedt Studios  Original hand-crafted stained glass, wood carving and fine quality painted mural art.

Principal, Sigstedt Design Studio
Artist craftsman since 1948

Designer, woodcarver, stained glass artist, mechanic and manufacturer; Training: Thorsten Sigstedt, Woodsculptor, Oliver Smith Studio, Henry Hunt Studio, Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co; founded and managed stained glass department of Santa Fe Studios of Church Art; taught advanced stained glass eight years at Bucks County Community College and Bristol Glass Company; founded Sigstedt Studio in 1961 at Point Pleasant, Pennsylvania. Principal designer of the windows and shades.

Associate Studio Artist
Glass painter - Muralist - Fine Artist

Pratt Institute of Art, MFA; Aesthetics and Assistant Art Professor, Montgomery County Community College, Associate Artist at Sigstedt Studio since 1991; Norma designs and executes vinyl acrylic murals, does very special glass painting, figured stained glass window design and artistic consultation.

Artist - Artisan - Stained Glas Mechanic

Studio Foreperson at Sigstedt Design Studio; Gallery Artist, Executive Chair of Artsbridge Art Association; Exhibits in Bucks County, PA and Mercer County, NJ. Christine is a master mechanic in stained glass restoration, stained glass window and shade manufacture and installation; She has worked at the Studio since 1994.

Stained Glass Restaurants and Hotels
Trinity Episcopal Church